Halloween Treat Goody Bags

I seem to be drowning in black construction paper. Every year this seems to be a problem. I guess craft projects don't typically demand the use of black (or brown construction paper for that matter) all that often, especially childrens' craft projects.

In attempts to be "green" and "resourceful," I suppose that's the Girl Scout in me, I am devising new and innovative ways to use up that darn paper! Fortunately with Halloween just around the corner black is in. So, I apologize if all of my latest projects include the use of black construction paper, but hey, at least you too can put some of that extra paper to use. Now...what to do with all that brown. November is on the horizon, turkeys anyone?

Check out my latest article regarding the use of black construction paper: http://www.examiner.com/children-s-crafts-in-oakland/halloween-twitch-hat-reat-holders-peferct-party-goodie-bag

You too can make whimsical Halloween goody holders!



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