Hello. Meet Me. Again.

I have some songs running around in my mind today. "Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, Sunset..." from Fiddler on the Roof and then quickly followed by Matchbox 20's "Every New Beginning is Some Other Beginning's end..." Maybe this is kind of silly. But as I am working on shifting- is adult life nothing but shifting?- and watching my children grow it feels like I am in a constant state of beginning and ending. Circling around and around. Starting and stopping.

It can be frustrating.

I am often frustrated.

At times I am startled by this forceful voice that shouts from within "Move FORWARD! Get Moving!"

Let's be real, I often feel stagnate.


Perhaps that is one of the purposes of life. Learning to go with the quick succession of time and the absolute sluggish feeling of, well,  time. I guess that is why that saying exists, "The days are long, but the years are short." Because, um, my days are soooooo long but yes, my years are too short. It can be disorienting and I often feel like I am viewing life through a glass window while swimming around in my head of "what ifs..." and "Oh I could/should do that..."

I have been having a lot of those feelings these last few years. Wanting to suck up all of the precious baby time of my kids, suck up all of their kid time, and be present.

I am finding that the more time I give myself to pull back and take a momen; look at what is happening and reevaluate where we are doing I begin to have a better sense of what my part of this whole thing called life is.

For me, life is a spiral not a straight line. I am constantly circling towards and away from the things that are important to me. Right now I am circling back to rediscovering who I am. Who I am as Adult Julia. As I meet myself in this form I am also greeted by so many pieces of my former self along the way. Reminders, or clues maybe, of who I have always been.

So, Hello. This is me. Julia.

I like to play.
I like to create.
I love to read and dream.
I pretend.
I imagine.

I am beginning...

Stepping Back In

It's not fall. It's not raining here is CA. I just love this photo
Oh boy. It's been a while. Um...years? Yeah. That's right. Over  a year since I touched this space, or even looked at the e-mails associated with this blog, or really even thought about this wee little blog.

What have I been up to? Well, really, I just want to know what you all have been up to. Send me an e-mail, write a comment or send me a pic of what has been happening in your lives.

Me? You want to know what I have been doing these last few cycles around the sun? Here is a very brief list that I hope catches us all up:

1. Had a baby (Baby #2- a sweet little girl!)
2. Moved (Bigger home to house that said baby)
3. Driving, walking, playing, creating with that little boy (Baby #1- who is no longer a baby- but a full blown child!)
4. Attended some weddings, said some good-byes (miss you Nanny!), met new friends and said bon voyage to some others.
5. Adopted a fish. I guess you have to start somewhere in the pet department.
6. Made it through several stints of single parenting as my husband globe trotted for work (That lucky man got to go to the UK and Australia).
7.  Still plugging away as an at home copy editor (Side job- hello!)
8. Oh, and started another business, because... I am crazy- CutOuts Studio
9. Made Art...lot's of it
10. Spent too many hours on Facebook.

Yep, that's what I have been doing these past few years. Mostly it has included a lot of dirty diapers, temper tantrums, and me trying to practice the art of being a calm and loving parent and mother of two.

Oh, and I turned 30, but I still look 15, so it's all good.

Get in touch. Send me a shout out! Comment. Have a free for all extravaganza of excitement that I can still make a coherent sentence.

But, really. I just want to hear from all of you. What's up?

Thinking of You

Dear Friends, I've been thinking about you. An awful lot. I've checked on this space off and on over the last few months. I've noted that the colors of the most recent pictures posted are still steeped in the heat and brightness of summer sunshine. A contrast to the wet blue hue nature is snuggled in these chilly days of November.

I have wondered what I am doing in this space these last several months. Maybe you already guessed that was the case. My silence is more due to hesitation and uncertainty, rather than a lack of things to say. I am still in that waiting place. That place of searching and finding. I often wish to say I will share my wanderings with you and take you along as I go, but I know for me it's more of a  personal journey. My resolve is to slowly work back into this space and get to know it again. Get to  know you again. Make this a space of creativity and inspiration once more.

I have a feeling you will find several changes happening to this space over the next few months. Bear with me as I move in a new direction. Looking forward to newness all around. Happy Holiday Season friends.

5x7 Folded Card

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I have to remind myself more often than I would like that it's OK to be still. To not do anything. For 10 minutes, or even, 20 minutes.

Stillness is an art I am learning more about as I attempt to pull my thoughts, creative juices and dreams together. I never realized how much in a state of business I keep myself. Lately I have been in a realm of dizzying daydreaming about incomes, future careers, and what actions to take next. Some of these thoughts are relevant, as well as necessary. However, many are just distractions from what I need to be focusing on in the present moment.

To ease the sense of overwhelm, and honestly, the sense of not progressing which is what all that busy "thinking" creates I have surrendered to stillness.

For the last few days I have striven to give myself at least 10 minutes of quiet time. This time arrives at any point in the day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon while my son naps, and more often it's when I should be brushing my teeth  before bed. The only rule I have enforced is that during my quiet time I am allowed to not think about anything. In fact, I do my best to just breathe deeply and allow my body to relax.

My time for quiet and stillness has helped my ability to focus a lot. I find my actions are more directed and I achieve more worthwhile actions during the day. I welcome you to try giving yourself a little time for stillness. Perhaps, even at this very moment.

PS. My intentions are to return to this space more regularly, and I appreciate the e-mails and comments I have received in my absence. In the hopes of providing high quality content I always love to hear from you. Let me know what you would like to see more of on the pages of GoatNotes. Your feedback is always embraced lovingly. Thank you.


An itch for change has been whispering in my mind lately. It's time to shift and do something different. Recently we shifted my son out of his crib, out of diapers and removed all of those "baby toys" from his bedroom. He's morphed many times in his short life, but this time it was a bigger transition. He's no longer a baby, and it's apparent to everyone.

So too has this blog shifted over the past year and half that I have been its keeper. Starting out as a way to promote a long-gone Etsy shop to becoming more of a space for me to share my thoughts and life. This space will be quieter than usual over the next few weeks. I am working on a new project that requires most of my free creative time. It's an exciting prospect, and I hope it becomes something fruitful I can share on these pages in the weeks to come. 

Enjoy the summer heat and sun. See you back here soon.


June Recap

It's Friday and it's almost the last day of June. I can't believe it. This has been a month of crafty-craziness and sweet escapes for me. Since it was such a fun month, I kind of want to relive some of it. Here are some of my favorite posts from June:

1. Wilbur Hot Springs Getaway...need I say more?

2. My five favorite things right now. This was so much fun to write that I plan to share a post like this one every month. Stay tuned for Monday!

3. I can't wait to use chia seeds in other recipes in July like I did in the vegan chia seed and dried cherry scone recipe. Maybe a 4th of July chia seed milk shake?

4. I have been in the process of making more of those cute memory games for all the little children in my life with summer birthdays. It's so much fun to come up with more versions!

5. Plus there have been more and more button snakes creeping into people's birthday bags this season too.

How about you, what have been some of your favorite events and such from June?


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