What I am Crushing On

It's been a busy past few days. E is teething again (he is working on the 6th tooth!), we have visited a pumpkin patch and spent a day with my mom for her birthday (pictures to come), and my in-laws have officially made the move from San Diego to our home (they are currently staying with us which is wonderful but makes for a very full house). There hasn't been much time for making things lately. But don't despair! My wheels have been turning and I will have some new goodies to share in the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy the following lists of things I am crushing on.

***love, love, love this blog: http://www.gypsyforest.com/

*** Adoring the sound of these people: http://www.theweepies.com/

***Drooling over Alice Waters' book The Art of Simple Foods

***Wishing I had had time to watch Once Upon A Time In The West

***Getting Montessori ideas from the For Small Hands Catalog

*** Enjoying a little mystery from the master herself, Agatha Christie, in A Murder Is Announced

What are you crushing on lately? Leave a comment and let us know!



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