Yay for a little late celebration of Halloween


Here's a picture me and my babe having a blast at our Halloween bash in the park. Don't you just love the blonde wig? Yep, got lot's of comments about that one.

Hope everyone is recovering from their Halloween experience. I think we have now all passed around the same cold (seems like we have all had it twice!) and are finally on the road to recovery. Too much sugar is my guess.

Our colds reminded me that this time of year it is truly important to take extra supplements, especially vitamin D, which helps inhance your immune system. Plus with all the reduced light and limited outdoor time it is even more difficult than usual to get enough vitamin D. My family has been long time lovers and takers of USANA supplements (I will be sharing more on this in later posts). I attribute my family's good health to our USANA vitamins and encourage everyone to rethink their vitamins. If you can't wait until my future love letter post to USANA, check out the USANA website to learn about some of the amazing science behind their products.

Talk to you later friends!

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