Exploring paper shapes with a toddler

A couple of weeks ago I read this article from the Artful Parent about exploring 3D paper shapes with toddlers. I loved the idea so much I decided to incorporate it into one of my weekly art projects with Emory. And let me just say, my little toddler had a blast!

Here is our house I try and do a creative project, or art exploration, with Emory every morning after his breakfast, hence is why my son is still in his pjs in all the pictures...ahem....Well, he seems to like it that way. We had fun exploring the shapes together and the activity lasted a good 10-15 minutes. Almost like an hour in toddler time.

To prep for the activity all I did was construct several shapes out of different colors of construction paper. I rolled a few pieces of paper into tubes, made onto into a 3D tent, cut a huge circular spiral and a triangular spiral too. I folded one piece into a fan. Emory was startled at first when I began to fan him at one point, but then after watching me he wanted to fan himself too!

We just sat on the floor looking feeling, and eventually, ripping apart all of the shapes. Shredding them into pieces was half of the fun. No problem though, all I had to do was scoop up all the pieces and place them in my paper scraps basket for another creative use later.

Enjoy exploring the shapes and let us know which shape your child liked best. Emory really loved the big circular spiral.


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