{Daily Rhythm #3- Story Time}

Every night, before Emory goes to bed, we read books. The books will vary. Sometimes we read some of our library treasures. Sometimes we read something from off our shelf. But we always finish with Oh What a Busy Day by: Gyo Fujikawa, which was my book when I was a child. I practically have it memorized, and I think Emory will too. Do you have a bed time routine that includes a little story time too?


  1. I wish! Finley is too wiggly wormy to sit down for story time at night :( Soon hopefully.

  2. Story time ( in my estimations) is the most important part of the day. A restful and beautiful way to relax, to be centred, and to lose yourself in imagination. It is so sad that many parents don't even bother to read to their children. I heard one mother say once ' I don't bother reading to him, that's what teacher are for' it is heartbreaking really. Beautiful pics. x Jo

  3. Lindsay, oh don't worry E is often very wiggly too. I just try and get in at least 5 minutes of good solid reading a day. He loves books written in rhyme or poetry. Oh What a Busy Day is one of his favorites, It's long but he listens intently through the whole book. Plus, I love to read. I was an English major and still have a love of books, especially old ones.

  4. My favourite is the classic Where the Wild Things Are. Sisi thinks that one of the monsters resembles her Daddy. Lol! The one on the front cover actually. When he's at CFA training she misses him when she sees the picture.
    Also, A Dark Dark Night

  5. We started a tradition of telling stories at bedtime, with a candle lit. It started on a long car ride out of desperation. The stories feature a little squirrel named Samson or a blue truck named Billy. My husband loves to do it, so he's taken over the bedtime routine!



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