Hiking Mt. Tam

The view from West Point Inn

The fog came rolling in and covered the Golden Gate Bridge

My Father-In Law Takes in the view

I love Weekend Sherpa and their constant supply of amazing outdoor information for the SF Bay Area. A few weeks ago we took the Mt. Tam hike up to West Point Inn. We saw breath taking vistas and panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco. Basically, it was the most beautiful hike I have been on in a while. We parked at Pantoll Camp grounds. There was an $8 fee for parking in the lot or it was free if you parked on the street. We started our hike from Pantoll and did a moderate climb up to the West Point Inn where we got a drink, took a breather, and ate a snack while looking out onto some of the ocean and city. Completely worth the hour and half drive! We plugged Emory into the baby backpack and put a big sun hat on him and he was perfectly content for the entire trek. I hope to return to Mt. Tam soon!

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