Indoor Games: Blocks!

The weather is still wet and mucky, meaning all of our hiking trails require serious off-roading shoes, which I have but am not really into strapping on a backpack chock-full of toddler and making my way through the drenched wilderness. Ahem. Maybe next week?

In the meantime, we have been busy with fun indoor games. Blocks and cars are new fascinations for Mr. Emory, and I don't think his dad is complaining. As you can see dad is one of the main ones having a little fun. We purchased these handmade blocks from Little Saplings Toys on Etsy for Emory's birthday. Such a great deal and loads of fun for him!

Emory has loved seperating the blocks out by color, or rather, watching me and dad seperate the blocks by color and then he swoops in and recombines them again. He has also enjoyed moving the blocks from one type of container to another. Two shoe boxes make a great transferring game. I just plasced all the blocks in one box and showed him how to move them to the second. He thought it was fun when I started using a little plastic sand shovel to shovel the blocks over to the next box. Very fun in a toddler's eyes.

 Anyone else still dealing with wet rain or snow? We would love to hear some of the activities you have been doing to make best use of the indoor time.

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