Introducing: Emory & Olly

I have been vacillating on this for a while. Should I? Shouldn't I? Well, the other day...February 15th to be exact, I went for it. I started a NEW and yes, ANOTHER shop, on Etsy titled: Emory & Olly. Named kindly after my son, his favorite stuffed pup, Olly-Jolly Dog and given the feel of what we love the most: Nature.

So, you may have noticed my new craft-cult rolling segment at the top of my page I added a few days back, I couldn't help it as I just was too excited! My GoatNotes shop will remain open and will focus more on my paper artwork and cards, while Emory & Olly will share more of my jewelry and vintage finds.

The new shop has also spawned a revamp of this here blog, one of many to come I am sure. Bare with me as I adjust. Mess with pictures, colors, and the all too important info section. So, if you are in need of some new accessories check out Emory & Olly. All proceeds are headed straight to my son's college..or whatever his" future may hold" fund.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh! I love this jewelry, super fab ;). I'll have to check out your etsy because I love this so far!



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