Vegetarian Sundays::Preserved Lemons Recipe

There is something exotic about adding a diced preserved lemon on top of a traditional cheese pizza, or swirling them into a bowl of mashed potatoes. Preserved lemons transform those every day regular meals into something that will make you go, "oh! YUMMY, that is incredible!"
If you too love to add a little punch to your daily meals whip up some of these lemons. They are quick, easy, and the perfect recipe for using all those last remaining lemons on your tree. The best kind to use are those soft- sweet Meyers, but any lemon will do.

Large canning jar (I like to use 16oz jars)
Bowl full of lemons
Ample Kosher Salt (at least one full salt canister)

 1. Wash all of your lemons and your large canning jar.
2. On a dish, slice each lemon in 4 longitudinal quadrants. Be sure to not cut all the way through. You will want to hold your lemon so it is standig on one of its end points, not the round middle body. Collect any juice that is released into your mason jar.
3. Pack each lemon generously with salt. Pour a generous amount of salt into the bottom of the mason jar and then layer the lemons one on top of each other sprinkling a layer of salt between each lemon.
4. Pack as many lemons into the jar and help them to release some of their juices.
5. Sprinkle the top layer of lemon generously with salt.
6. Pack tightly and allow to sit for a few days at room temperature. The juices of the lemons should continue to expel and the level of juice in the jar should cover the lemons entirly by the end of a week. If the juices do not cover all of the lemons, add more lemon juice.
7.  Allow the lemons to sit either at room temperature or in the firdge for 3-4 weeks. They will remain good for up to one year.
8. Enjoy on pizza, pastas and more!

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