{Guest Post} Make an Owl Family

Hello friends! Today I am honored to share with you an amazingly fun tutorial from the lovely Jo of My Pangaloon. She is going to show you how to create your very own owl family from toilet paper rolls!

In Jo's Words:

Here is a quick and super fun craft activity to do with your little ones. It is suitable for any age, and can be made more challenging depending on the age of your child.
you will need;
 Here goes

1. pinch the top of the toilet roll together, then gentle push down into a curved shape. It is self securing, but add tape or glue if you want to.

2. Let the kids lose with the paint. Allow to dry completely

3. Cut out some feather for the little ones, and some beaks ( not shown here, but I used yellow felt) and glue on.

4. Encourage your child to pick out their own buttons for the owl's eyes. My three year old enjoyed this the most. Add a big dollop of pva glue. Sit them out in the sun to dry.

My 5 year old and I made a few fabric covered toilet rolls, which added a whole new look. You could add sequines, and ribbons too. It's really up the the child.

Havre fun


  1. Thanks for posting this Julia- my girls loved this activity x

  2. What a cute idea! While I don't have any kids, I may whip some of these up myself. :)

  3. Thank you Jo for this way-fun tutorial! I am savin gup rolls so I can make my own owl fam!

  4. My little one is too young to help but this is one of the cutest crafts I've seen with toilet rolls! I save them hoping to find crafts like this one! Love it!

  5. What a cute DIY project!! Great post.



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