Vintage Back Talk: Jean Jean Vintage

Meet Duff of Jean Jean Vintage

Hello readers! I have an exciting new vintage feature to share with you. From now through the end of summer expect a fabulous interviews with some very talented vintage gurus, collectors, sellers, artists, bloggers and many more- every couple of weeks. You can expect these features to appear on Tuesdays.

If you are involved with vintage goodness, please don't hesistate to contact me! I would be happy to feature you too!

To kick off the first Vintage Back Talk I am honored to share with you one of my favoirte vintage sellers from Etsy,

In her words...

1.How long have you been shopping vintage? What got you started/ interested? I've been shopping for vintage clothing since I was in middle school. I like the thrill of the hunt. Regular stores organized by size and style make me sad! I started collecting vintage and antique jewelry about three years ago. I really don't know why!

2. Why do you love vintage?I appreciate things that are well-crafted and built to last. I am also very nostalgic and I like the hidden history in old things.

3. Do you have any tips or tricks you could share for those interested in starting to collect vintage pieces?
 I think the most important thing about collecting is to buy what you like and don't overthink your purchases. Yes, that Art Deco necklace at your local antique shop might seem a little expensive, but in 10 years it will be twice as expensive and in 20 years you might not be able to find it at any price. In other words, think about the long-term and don't fret so much about finding a good deal. When you buy great vintage and antiques, you are making an investment.

 You can see more of Jean Jean Vintage jewelry in her Etsy shop.
Also check out Duff's blog: jeanjeanvintage


  1. Great interview! So funny because all day yesterday I was thinking how I'd like to do a few interviews myself. Haha great minds . . .

  2. Very nice feature! She has some beautiful jewelry.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Isn't she just lovely? I am so glad you enjoyed her interview. Do let me know if either of you would like a feature at some point.

  4. LOVE the lockets! And she raises a good point about thinking long-term about vintage investments. Not that you could totally blow your bank account, but it's okay to spend a little more if it's something you'll have for the rest of your life.

  5. great interview- love her pieces :)




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