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I have been thinking a lot about foundation lately. Whether it be part of a home or the foundation I am laying down for my son.

How a child learns, and how best to teach a child, has always been an interest of mine. There was a point in time when I was immersed in such academic study of the matter that I did get a little lost in what the honest importance was. Having my own child has heightened my awareness of what is important, at least to me, and I have adjusted some of my philosophies and techniques.

Brushing Hair Is A New Morning Ritual

With my son I have begun to develop a daily routine and teach him daily simple rituals. A surprise to me is that many of the methods I use are rooted in Montessori learning.

Such methods allow the child to work at her own pace as she discovers the world around her. We started introducing personal care and hygiene activities into our days; allowing my son do some of those basic needs for himself that I have been taking care of for him for so long now.

Hand Washing Activity

It's amazing how we  take for granted our own knowledge of something as basic as how to wash our hands.  Teaching my son this basic-simple daily ritual awakens within me an awareness that has been long forgotten.

I never thought I would be so thrilled to see a pair of little hands rub together in a sudsy melody. Never thought it would be a cause for celebration when a little pair of hands dunk themselves in a bowl of water, dry themselves off and then held close to a little nose to take in the sweet peppermint smell of the soap.

I am humbled and filled with pride. Two very different feelings to find juxtaposed over the simple  act of washing hands.

What has filled you with pride recently? 


  1. I used to teach in the Nursery class in my school and totally understand the importance of letting children discover the world at their own pace.
    I have found it completely amazing to watch my own children learn and grow. Today, my little girl said "more, please" (it actually sounded more like, "moo pee") but I was so impressed. It's the first time she's put two words together!

  2. HI Anna, Isn't it amazing when they figure out different social graces? They are little sponges indeed!

  3. me too! my littlest one attends montessori school 2 1/2 days a week and i'm endeavouring to create more of that style in my house [less mess for starters]. it makes such a difference to have our homes set up so they can easily find and use everything they need. it's so much more peaceful...
    i have a book called how to raise an amazing chil the montessori way, which, while i don't love the title, is a beautiful book for parents with really fresh photography. you've prob already got it... i love the rituals of handwashing and hairbrushing, i think it's great for practising mindfulness. for us and them...

  4. i meant child...

  5. Hi Nic, Raising an Amazing Child was the first Montessori book I read-LOVED it. The photography is exceptional. It was a great place to start on this journey of ours. By reading that it has lead me to several other avenues of reading. I find myself constantly immersed in more Montessori reading. How does your littlest like their experience in the Montessori school?

  6. Your imagery of little hands washing sounds so sweet!! Thank you for the visit :)



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