Music That Lingers

Our summer weather has been, hmmm.... fickle. The hide and go seek nature of the sun lately has many of us (and many of my plants) confused as to  what month it is. And so, since it feels like November my family (me included) have all decided to come down with a winter cold...uh, or summer cold.

Since we all just don't feel like doing anything we have been listening to a lot of soothing music and I thought I would share some of the tunes that have been dancing along the rims of our ears or  lingered on our lips for the past few days. Enjoy, and I hope to return to my more normal fashion of posting once this headache quiets down.


  1. Summer has been really strange here as well.... and I also have a cold. Very annoying! Hope you all feel better. :) Sea Marie

  2. I adore Gillian Welch! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello Sea Marie! Oh, I do hope you feel better soon too. Today is much better than yesterday, thank goodness!

    Hello Let It Be Raw! Isn't Gillian Welch just divine? Oh, so hope to see her live some day.

  4. I have to say, I've never heard any of these songs! Amazing how much music there is in the world, isn't it?

  5. Hi Paige, It is so true! Pandora always introduces us to new tunes. What kind of music do you enjoy?



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