Vintage Back Talk: Cupids Arrow, Romatic Vintage Wedding Gowns

The Faces Behind Cupids Arrow & Lipstick Whiskey
Hello readers! Today's Vintage Back Talk is with the clever and stylish duo,  Cindy and Dawnette, of Cupids Arrow on Etsy. These ladies know a thing or two when it comes to purchasing anything vintage, especially vintage wedding gowns!

Read on to learn more about their tips, tricks, and faves regarding all things wedding gowns:

1.  Why do you love Vintage?
We love vintage as it evokes a "time gone by" an era where women were all about being beautiful, classy and truly feminine. It is a time of history that still lives on. We have more then one vintage shop as basically we can't get enough! LOL..we truly love all things Vintage. Wedding gowns are our favorite.

2. What got you started collecting and selling vintage wedding gowns?

I (Cindy) have a full time Wedding business. Here on Etsy I have a shop...CRBoggs Designs. All of my creations have been created out of the love of vintage. When Dawnette and I opened our first shop...LipStick Whiskey...we found we kept looking at wedding gowns as we both loved them, admired their beauty and craftsmanship. We found we kept getting more and more and soon realized we needed to separate our wedding gowns from our other vintage clothing. What better way than to open the first All vintage wedding gown shop.

3. What are your best tips for those hoping to purchase a vintage wedding gown?

Tips we would give brides is first...choose your era. From the early 1900s to the 1980s...dresses have changed with each decade. Fabrics have evolved too. The one fabric that we have found that has lasted the test of time is Lace. Every decade includes lace.
A bride should choose the style she might like...try different gowns on, go to antique stores, festivals, wherever she might find gowns and see if she can try them on. Like any wedding dress, you might think you love it, but when you try it might find it doesn't look good on you. On the other hand...sometimes, as we all know, if you see something you love...DON'T pass it will regret it.

Dress sizes have changed over the years. Many years ago, a lot of wedding dresses were handmade, so no size was inside the gown. Even as late as the 50s...some dresses still did not have size labels. If they did...women's shapes were different and the sizes back then were on a different scale. A size 14 in the 1950s in general is about a size 8 now. So...make sure to measure the bust, rib cage, waist, hips if needed and of course the length...

4.  Is there a wedding dress style, decade, and type of fabric that is your favorite?

Our favorite era for wedding gowns? hmmm, that is a hard one...Each era brought a little something different. We love the 30s and 40s as this was a time of Old Hollywood glamor. Gowns were made of slipper satin and duchess satin...both stunning fabrics. Gowns were sleek and form fitting with long trains. The 50s were a time of Grace Kelly...Full skirts, Lace, fitted bodice. Truly a beautiful time. We would say those eras are our favorite by far. As for fabric...Lace. Romantic and timeless.

5. What are the benefits of purchasing a vintage gown opposed to a new one? In your opinion?

To Dawnette and myself...the most important benefit of a vintage gown is... There is not going to be another bride out there wearing your gown as in today's market where gowns are mass produced. Thousands of girls are most likely wearing the same dress. In 50 years when we collect vintage gowns from the 2000's, there will be hundreds of these same dresses. Not so with Vintage.
One, maybe two other people, have worn your gown and in general most likely cherished this piece and have passed it down from generation to generation until no one was left. Now its up to you to carry on this timeless tradition.

What better way to pass on a heritage then with a Vintage Wedding Gown
Come visit Cupids Arrow and we will help you find your perfect dress.


  1. What beautiful gowns! I love the hat in the second picture.

  2. Lovely, I may just have to get married to my hubby again, so I could wear one of those beauties. Loving the guest posts xxx

  3. Vintage wedding gowns! Stunning!

    (How did I not see this post until now?!)



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