The Last Weeks of Summer


I can hardly believe it but, summer is flying by! Like with all seasons there are lists floating around our home containing snippets of ideas, things to do and items that need to made or completed. I thought you might enjoy having a peak into our summer "to do" list...or as I have been calling it, "My Summer Experience List."

1. Spend a week at the beach with family
2. Go camping for the first time with E
3. Learn to Make Jam
4.Buy Home
5. Successfully Grow a Garden
6. Complete all my holiday gifts
7. See this movie:Queen of the Sun
8. And see this movie too: Harry Potter...
9.Successfully grow at least one tomato
10. See the lillies bloom
11. Reach 100 followers (getting there!)
12. Submit at least 2 articles for publication
13. Attend at least one Peace & Love Swap
14. Hike a full-moon hike
15. Help host a Neighbor Night
16. Have a early morning coffee date with my man
17. Finally make the toys I have been dreaming about for E
18. Make Popsicles
19. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
20.Read at least 3 books

So, it looks like I have gotten some things done. Still have plenty to go! What is on your summer "to do" list?


  1. I don't have an actual "list" but yours did make me think about all the things we talked about doing this summer and haven't! There is still a month left... perhaps I need to write one up! Sea Marie

  2. Great idea to make a list like that, and then you have a list of things to help you remember how much you've managed to do as well.

  3. This summer has been filled with so many fun things and I always find it so helpful to make a list. Hope all of you are accomplishing what you hoped to this summer!

  4. What a great list and reminder that as seasons some things have to start over. I'm still trying to have a shot at #9, growing something out of my garden. Visiting from Bloglovin, found your blog there.
    Have a great week,
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  5. Shoot! This reminds me that we still haven't been to the Arboretum this year. I'm totally making a list like this for fall.

  6. Hello friends! Thank you all for stopping in. I still can't believe it's August. Hope you get to do all you have aspired!



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