Guilty Pleasures

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day and long weekend. I was supposed to spend most of my time off packing and organizing, however I found myself rather distracted with some guilty pleasures. Here's what's been filling my time when I should be filling boxes:

  • Project Runway. Total guilty pleasure of the fall season. Love, love this show. One of the only shows I watch religiously. Plus, my sister was over this weekend, so we sort of had a marathon to catch me up on some of the episodes I had missed. Kind of in love with all the clothing Anya has been making. Who's your favorite?
  • Making Photo Books with Photo Works. We purchased a coupon on Groupon a few months back and we are just now getting around to using it to my son's first year book. I am a little behind.
  • Reading some of these lovely blogs and gathering ideas, inspirations and just enjoying the eye candy.
    Four Eyes
    Conceptual Reception
  • Thinking about making this jam
  • Loving the Ukulele music of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam

So, what has been your guilty pleasures lately?


  1. Anthony Ryan! That show is the only one I watch right now, and I catch up with it with online episodes. Love, love, love. Makes me want to be a clothing designer, except I never will be! :)

  2. Hi Kristen! Oh, I love Anthony Ryan too. Especially loved the gown he made for the avant garde challenge. So clever.



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