Settling In

 So, some day I will find all the components to my camera in one place, and get some "real pics" up in this space again. For now, thanks for bearing with me as we (once again) view my world through the "lens" of my phone. 

 Not everything in my home is in its most functional state (as you can see I am doing my work from the kitchen table), but I always know I am settling into a place when an ease starts to set in.

 New rituals arise and fold into step with how you once did something.
Some things never change no matter where your feet are planted. Like work. Like motherhood. Like the pile of laundry sitting to my right. But, no matter how much is going on it always feels good to see those little indications of settling, rooting...sighing of sinking in. Nothing says that to me more than pretty flowers on my table.

Wishing you a happy weekend!

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