Indoor Water Play

Winter has finally arrived to the California Bay Area (YAY!), but along with all the  rain, a little cold virusmtagged along. No matter how sick my toddler becomes he always needs something to channel that buzzing energy. Hence, indoor water play was born.

The activity is nothing too fancy. Just some cups, measuring spoons, and recycled condiment bottles (cleaned, of course!) , and food coloring added to water. If you embark to make a little similar play station be sure to cover your work space (we used a disposable table cloth) and wear play clothes that can get stained and wet.

And the toddler's vote? Definitely 4 stars! I mean, who can beat being ALLOWED to spill colored water all over the kitchen floor?

How do you keep busy toddlers happy and occupied on sick wet days?


  1. :) I like how you've covered the carpet :)

  2. We like Play Doh for a "quiet" activity! =)

  3. Another one I'll have to remember for my son when he gets big enough! So cute!



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