Give Peas a Chance

Right now our pea plants are more like leggy green monsters. They are HUGE, which I think might be why my toddler is now OK with eating his peas. Each afternoon, after nap my son cannot wait to get out to the backyard to check on the peas. 

Fresh peas off the vine have become his favorite go-to snack these days. I am sure he would consume all the peas on the plants at one time if I wasn't there helping to navigate which are ready to be picked, popped open and eaten.

Lately this is how we spend that hour or so between late afternoon and the beginning of dinner prep. It's a peaceful few moments we have together, and golly it's even nutritious. So far, planting of the peas (which was my husband's idea) was the best yet.

Have you planted anything lately that your children (or you, or your pets) just love?

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