It Was A Surprise Party

 I spent months racking my brain for a fun way to celebrate my husband turning 30. I threw around the idea of surprising him with a trip to Vegas...but we don't really gamble. I thought about renting a convertible so we could take a  scenic drive down HWY 101, but that drive would take way too long. 

 In the end I decided to focus on what my husband loves most: His family and friends. Oh, and good food too. So, me, his friends and family  scared the socks off of him and then made him do silly things like beat a pinata and eat cheese cake.

We all had a great time hanging out and relaxing in our backyard. With a pinata filled with  bubblegum cigars (my husband is known to enjoy a cigar now and then), and a ridiculous DIY photo booth there was plenty of silliness to be had.

Plus with an al fresco fiesta-style potluck and homemade cheesecake by my mama-in-law our tummies were full and happy too.

Have you planned any birthdays or events lately?


  1. Julia -- your party was terrific! We loved it! Thanks for a wonderful time.
    Love, GT & GG

  2. Ha ha, looks like that photo booth was a great time! I haven't planned any surprise parties before, but it's something I want to accomplish eventually.

  3. Looks like fun! Wish we could have been there! =)



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