I have to remind myself more often than I would like that it's OK to be still. To not do anything. For 10 minutes, or even, 20 minutes.

Stillness is an art I am learning more about as I attempt to pull my thoughts, creative juices and dreams together. I never realized how much in a state of business I keep myself. Lately I have been in a realm of dizzying daydreaming about incomes, future careers, and what actions to take next. Some of these thoughts are relevant, as well as necessary. However, many are just distractions from what I need to be focusing on in the present moment.

To ease the sense of overwhelm, and honestly, the sense of not progressing which is what all that busy "thinking" creates I have surrendered to stillness.

For the last few days I have striven to give myself at least 10 minutes of quiet time. This time arrives at any point in the day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon while my son naps, and more often it's when I should be brushing my teeth  before bed. The only rule I have enforced is that during my quiet time I am allowed to not think about anything. In fact, I do my best to just breathe deeply and allow my body to relax.

My time for quiet and stillness has helped my ability to focus a lot. I find my actions are more directed and I achieve more worthwhile actions during the day. I welcome you to try giving yourself a little time for stillness. Perhaps, even at this very moment.

PS. My intentions are to return to this space more regularly, and I appreciate the e-mails and comments I have received in my absence. In the hopes of providing high quality content I always love to hear from you. Let me know what you would like to see more of on the pages of GoatNotes. Your feedback is always embraced lovingly. Thank you.


  1. This is lovely, Julia! You are so wise to give yourself a break from all the "noise" and demands of the day; and now you also have the Scalar Heart Connection to give you some more tools to achieve that "stillness" we all yearn for. Love your writing! Love you!

  2. Wonderful reminder! I am always over-scheduling and over-commiting myself. I think we have only 2 or 3 free weekends until September! Over-organizer I am!! Thank you for the reminder :-)

  3. Definitely finding this to be more true everyday. It's nice to have a little quiet in life every so often. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts!



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