Thinking of You

Dear Friends, I've been thinking about you. An awful lot. I've checked on this space off and on over the last few months. I've noted that the colors of the most recent pictures posted are still steeped in the heat and brightness of summer sunshine. A contrast to the wet blue hue nature is snuggled in these chilly days of November.

I have wondered what I am doing in this space these last several months. Maybe you already guessed that was the case. My silence is more due to hesitation and uncertainty, rather than a lack of things to say. I am still in that waiting place. That place of searching and finding. I often wish to say I will share my wanderings with you and take you along as I go, but I know for me it's more of a  personal journey. My resolve is to slowly work back into this space and get to know it again. Get to  know you again. Make this a space of creativity and inspiration once more.

I have a feeling you will find several changes happening to this space over the next few months. Bear with me as I move in a new direction. Looking forward to newness all around. Happy Holiday Season friends.

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  1. The way sharing feelings are magnificent. Its completely inspiring for those who involved in family and those who are planning will surly motivated.



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