New In The Shop

There are fun and new little goodies in the GoatNotes shop, just in time for Valentine's Day! AND, I have been working on my first "collection." I know, how can you stand it!? Right?! You can expect that new little collection of mine to take flight in the first on-set of spring. Around here, in NorCal, I consider spring has sprung when the daffodils come into bloom. Their leaves have recently begun peaking out of the Earth, so expect many new items to make their way into the land of the Etsy shop very soon.

The new collection is a mixture of rustic and romantic and lots, and lots of earth tones. I have been really into browns, greens, mustard (like the color of daffodils), and the many colors of song birds. Oh, there are so many. Hopefully those who stumble across it will like it too.

Until then, take a gander at some of the new items that are in the shop now. Especially check out the "Lucky Penny" gift. You choose the year, and the type of decorative paper to adorn your charm, and I will make you an excellent gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day, or graduation season is just around the corner!

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