Weekend Outdoor Adventure- Brionees Regional Park

Me and Emory taking in the view

Looking for an easy outdoor adventure this weekend? Well, grab the baby carrier of your choice (I prefer the KidsKelty  backpack) and get ready for a lovely stroll through the rolling hills of Briones Regional Park on the Orinda side.

Me and my sis. Look, you can see my phone!
Make sure to bring water and hats for you and your babes as there isn't much tree covereage, but this time of year the weather is so beautiful that you will enjoy the ample amounts of sun.

The entrance to this section of the park is off Bear Creek Road in Orinda just off of highway 24. You will turn into the park and there may be a $5 parking fee on weekends, free during the weekday. Park in the non-paved parking lot, or in the paved one if you don't mind adding an additional few minutes to your hike. Start your hike on the side that is towards the archery range. Once on the path stay left to continue onto the trail and bypass the archery area.

Mind you there are some cows wandering about, so beware for road apples. The cows are sweet and won't trouble you at all. Keep an eye out for red-tailed hawks and wood peckers!

This is what a real hiker looks like
Enjoy your hike! Let us know how it went.


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