Almost Cheeseless Casserole

I have been searching for a new twist on the traditional pasta casserole. You know the type of casserole I am talking about. It has a ton of pasta, about a pound of cheese and maybe a little sauce? You see, when the weather starts to warm up, as it has been doing around here the past couple days, I tend to want less cheese and more greens and veggies. Well, after a long search I came across this recipe from the blog 101cookbooks. She uses Greek yogurt, two egg yolks, and a little feta to make a light, and very tasty, sauce for her whole wheat pasta casserole. The meal was a huge hit with my family. I paired it with a heart of romaine salad with my lemon garlic dressing (more to come on that later!) and a few green house heirloom tomatoes. So delicious. I think I feel spring beckoning from just around the corner!

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