Hiking Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park is such an unusual and unexpected place to find tucked away in the Oakland Hills. Suddenly you are away from the urban sprawl and find yourself among towering giants. The hike was on the longer side of 4.5 miles. Long enough for E to catch a nap. It was a shady trail the whole way and would be perfect for late spring and summer treks. Also, awesome for a wee one's delicate skin. E just loved hanging out in the hiking backpack! I picked up the white sun hat he's wearing from Target last summer. The Velcro strap has made it so easy to take on and off. Plus it's SPF 50!

It was a little confusing where to park. We ended up parking way out in an overflow lot, since it wasn't marked well. It just added maybe a quarter of a mile to our overall hike. E did really well for most of the hike and only had one melt down toward the end. He was very thirsty! Bring lot's of water because this is a hilly hike for sure. Layer yourself as the beginning you will be cool and the end you will be toasting up!

You can check it out on weekend sherpa for more info on the hikes and how to get there.

Happy Trails!

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