Collaged Heart Valentines Card Tutorial

I know, I know another Valentine's Day Card in the same week. What can I say? I heart Valentine's Day. Whether you do or not here is another quick and easy VDay card tutorial that is perfect for anyone with toddles. I came up with this card for the play group we belong to and we will be testing it out next week. Emory had a blast ripping all of the paper for me. I did most of the construction, but he had some fun interacting with the paper and trying to stick it into the heart shape.Hopefully your toddler and older children have as just as much fun as we did.

  • Red, pink and purple construction paper
  • Writing pencil
  • School glue or glue stick
  • Pre-made card or folded construction paper
 Step 1: Rip the paper into small chunks. Toddlers are great at this! Then using a pencil draw free-hand or use a stencil to draw a heart shape onto your card.
 Step 2: Fill in the heart with a glue stick or with school glue. I used school glue for this tutorial, but have used a glue stick in the past.
 Step 3: Begin to place the pieces of paper chunks inside the heart. You can alternate the colors in the heart or fill your heart in using just one color. As you can see, I used both red and pink paper.
 Step 4: Place some glue around the outside lines of the heart and place skinnier strips of purple paper to make the outline pop more.
And now you have a stunning hand made Valentines to give out! Enjoy!


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  1. Oh I love this card project! It looks so easy and fun! :-)



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