Daily Rhythm #1- Juan in a Million

Here we are...the morning. Yes, that early time of day when my son decides to wake up before the roosters and I can barely see straight. Hence my new found infatuation, and dare I say addiction, to coffee! In my case ever since I have become a parent I seem to have graduated from just herbal tea in the morning to the richest of rich coffee...oh and a whole lotta cream!

So, yes I am embracing the fact that I need a little black gold in my engine to get me moving. The funny thing is I have developed a whole sense of rhythm with my morning cup of joe. Not only do I always make it my mini french press but it I always seem to have it in my vintage Juan in a Million mug. My mom used to drink her coffee from this very same mug when I was a child, so perhaps that is where the comfort factor comes in .
Well, all I know is this is one ritual that has maintained since the birth of my son...and I don't foresee it disappearing any time soon. As long as he continues to wake up at 5:00 AM! I am thinking I might share some other rituals of mine in the future. Maybe on Wednesdays?. It's amazing how a day is truly comprised of just a series of rhythmic tasks that some how fall in the same time slots each day, week, month. What is one of your morning rituals?


  1. The hottest shower I can stand!

  2. Hot showers are grand this is so true.



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