Paper Swirl Valentine's Card Tutorial


-1 pre-folded card or piece of card stock
-Valentine's heart stencil
-Colored pencils in red and magenta or purple
-Pink, red, and purple construction paper
-Regular pencil
-Glue or glue dots
-Outlining pen

 place your stencil on top of your card
 Outline the heart using the red pencil
 Using the red pencil, fill in the heart roughl
 Switch to the magenta pencil and outline the arrow pieces ans fill in
 Your completed heart should look like this
 Next, stack your construction paper and cut thin strips using your scissors. I used childrens' scissors because that is all I could find and it is a good demonstration that kid's scissors are possible of great things.
 After the strips are cut fold them in half and cut. You should have 6 strips, enough to make two cards
 Look at all those strips!
 Now, lay one strip on your table and place your pencil at the end that is closest to you (your belly), begin rolling the pencil away from you taking the strip with you.
 The strip of paper should wrap fully around your pencil.
 Do the same as before with all of the remanaing strips. You should have a nice piles of little spirals
 Bring your card back into the picture and determin whether you want to use school glue or glue dots to adhere your spirals to your card. Both work. The glue dots are great if you need to be done quick, but look a little more rushed. The school glue drys clear, but takes a little longer.
 I went for the school glue. Put a few dots of glue in the locations you want to place your spirals
 Add all sprials to your card and allow to dry completely
 Time to outline and add your personal flair! I love using Steadtler pens, especially the fine points. They don't smear, last forever and are water resistant.
Using your pen of choice, outline your heart, add doodles and maybe a little Valentine's Day sentiment.

And, that's it! Tuck one into your next Valentine's gift.

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