The Cork Game

 I know, I know, it looks like my family is a bunch of winos, but I promise you we're not. The corks were all scavenged from family, friends, and It came about because I  have been trying to introduce some basic sorting, shape recognition, and spacial activities into my son's daily rhythm and this simple game completely fit all of my criteria. Plus I constructed it out of stuff I had laying around my house. The standing grid shelf is an old shoe rack I was going to give away and then I went....wait..... and my husband was like....hey...wait....throw it out. So, look'E Here! I have actually used SOMETHING that I held onto for over a year. Woo!

 Ok, so how do you play the "game?" Well, there are a few methods to the madness that have seemed to work well. Emory first really enjoyed just experiencing the corks in the bowl. Then we moved onto me showing him how the corks can go through the grid space one at a time. Once that clicked, well there was at least 20 minutes of him putting each and every cork through the holes.
 To make it a little more challenging I dumped out the corks and placed the bowl under the grid and showed Emory how to drop the corks into through the grid into the bowl below. He is still working on this skill, but it has been a lot of fun to watch him process this concept. His friend Aidan who is 18 months really likes that concept and loves the sound the corks make when they hit the bowl below.

 So there you have it. A Tupperware bowl, about 10 recycled corks, and an old metal shoe rack. At least 45 minutes of exploratory fun!

Have you turned junk into learning tools lately to?

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