Toddler Music Group

As part of our mommy and babies play group we started a music group that meets once a week at alternating moms' homes to put on a little music classes.  We have found that each age benefits from different components of the classes and it has been so accessible for mothers with children of differing ages.

Every week the hosting mom selects the music and songs she wants to share and runs about a 30-45 minute class. Most of the moms have attended a Music Together class before and have purchased the CDs from those music classes. As a group we have compiled our favorite songs, made CDs for the moms who attend regularly and now we have our own instruments that we just purchased for the classes. All moms are encouraged to bring any instruments they have to share too. We also do a little dance portion where the children get to dance to the music with scarfs or ribbon sticks. We do a lot of hand gestures and mommy and baby dance interaction.

So far Emory has loved all the songs by Raffi and one Music Together song about an owl in an old Oak tree. He also enjoyes the rhythm sticks. They make him so happy as he shakes them along with the music. The best part for me is I feel like I can enrich my son with such a class on a very minimal budget. We charge just $5 to join the group and that covers the entire year. The profit is used to purchase instruments for each child allowing for everyone to feel like they too can participate in such an enriching activity.


  1. What a cutie he is! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Looks like we are neighbors!

  2. Hi Nicola! Your children are adorable too! It was so neat to see you are not too far away from us. I will be keeping tabs on your blog!



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