{Daily Rhythm #4- Eat Your Veggies}

This is more of a weekly rhythm, but it is something that affects each and every one of our meals every day. Every Thursday our Farm Fresh to You  (FFTY) our organic Community Supported Agriculture produce box is delivered right to our door. Every Thursday Emory  watches the huge produce van (attempt, yes it's a little scarry to watch) back up into our narrow driveway before our box is gently placed on our porch steps. The anticipation is always fun as we are never quite sure what the box will hold each week. FFTY posts a list of items that will probably be in the box, however life on a farm is unpredictable and things change. What we always expect is highest quality fruits and veggies that are fresh and delicious to arrive every week. I have been part of this farm for over a year and it has become part of our family rhythm.We all look forward to its arrival and the cornucopia of deliciousness it brings.


  1. How wonderful! Andy and I want to join a CSA; however, there is a waiting list in our area :( Enjoy your veggies!

  2. We have loved our CSA. It has made us eat so many different veggies that we would have never otherwise tried. Plus, with having a wee one it ensure that we always have fresh organic veggies no matter if I make it to the Farmer's Market or not.



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