Emory's First Hair Cut

Before the Cut (Notice the amazing food beard too)
Dad making the first snip!

Second snip, no turning back!

The new big boy

So dapper

We have been talking about cutting this little one's hair for a few weeks now. I have been hesitant because I just loved his baby fine-soft hair. There was so much of it I couldn't bear to see it snipped off. Well, a few days ago I decided it was time, and I am so glad we did. He looks like such a little man! Where did my baby go?

We decided to go with the home-grown hair cut style a-la dad. We viewed a few videos by YouTube and then went for it. The event was overall not too traumatic(for mama or baby), and I am just adoring this little wee man who has appeared. Now what to do with all those baby curls we cut off? Any suggestions?


  1. Not really creative, but I have a vintage baby book that has a tiny spot to tape or put an envelope to store those sweet baby curls. If you don't have a baby book- perhaps scrapbooking them? Like I said, not very creative. Anyway, he looks so handsome and grown up with his haircut! (I have to admit I was diggin' his long locks though)


  2. We have a cute baby book that I think I will be placing some of the hair into fr safe keeping. Now I have to decide how to preserve the hair for the grandparents. More searching to be done! I know, I miss his long locks now. They were so pretty.

  3. Oh goodness, what a big milestone! I've been putting off my son's first haircut but it's definitely time ... I'd love to know if you find a good way of preserving the hair.



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