{Daily Rhythm #5- Man of La Mancha}

A photo from a few months ago, but here my husband is dancing with E to Man of La Mancha
My family loves to dance. It's part of all of us. Who we are and what we find important. Moving our bodies makes us a happier and closer family, so it is no wonder that music and dancing have found their way into Emory's bedtime routine. Each night after a story my husband or I will turn on one of our favorite musicals, usually Man of La Mancha, and dance to one or two quiet songs with Emory. We hold him close and sway and circle around the room. We have done this with him since he was an infant. The movement has always settled him and even now he is instantly soothed.We find that the dancing soothes us too.

What do you do to soothe your souls at the end of a busy day?


  1. That is very sweet. It's fun to hear what other families routines are.

    At the end of our day - our Cameron loves three things: reading books, singing our goodnight song and then turning off our lights and turning on some soothing music. We sway for a few minutes before he lays down to sleep.

  2. Your routine sounds so nice and calm. I bet your little boy just drifts off to dreamland so peacefully. He's a lucky boy!



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