Crayon-ning Moment

Last week before we cut Emory's hair we played with crayons for the first time. Giving Emory time to just explore the crayons, their shape, color, texture was probably just enough for this budding toddler. He is at that age where they love to just inspect an item completely. The focus he gives things that he finds intriguing is always a quiet moment for me. I pause. I watch, and too get to explore something for the very first time again.

In an attempt to show him what he could do with the crayons I taped a large piece of butcher paper to our kitchen floor, Drew a few doodles and then placed the crayon in his hands for him to try. He looked at me, smiled, and then continued to place the crayons in and out of the cup I was using to contain them.

Unlike the chalk, which he just began using right away, the crayons offered Emory a more contemplative time. I used Crayola's crayons for 18 month+. They are are triangular shaped and fit well into a little baby's pudgy hands well. I am hoping that our next experience with crayons will produce some coloring action on the paper...and not on my walls. Happy Monday friends.


  1. precious. it's fun to watch exactly what a child will do with something :)

    happy day!

  2. It is so true. I am often reminded that there is always another possibility, perspective, or action that could be taken with any given situation. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I do the same with my little guys. It's fun to do except that Morgan likes to eat the crayons. Today he actually had a mouthful of yellow crayon and it was in little chunks coming out of his mouth. Too funny. :)

    Your little guy looked very interested in how the crayons felt in his hands. He is soooo cute!

    Have a great day!



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