The No Paper Towels Challenge

Here's what I will be slapping on all paper towel dispensers around my house
get yours at

Last week we ran out of paper towels. I know, so what? Right? Well, I was going to buy more, but with a little one running around and me starting to work again (more on that soon) I just couldn't seem to get to the store to get more. The other night I was complaining about my no paper towel predicament when my husband said, "hey, what if you try to go without paper towels for a while?" and I said, "How long is a while?" We talked it over and decided we would take the NO PAPER TOWEL challenge, meaning 365 days without paper towels. In an effort to be "greener," and to save a little money, I have accepted my husband's challenge plus added using only cloth napkins too (oh man, I see piles of laundry in my future!).

The goal is to make it an entire 365 days without paper towels or any paper cleaning product (besides toilet paper, so not going there!). So, I am gathering rags and old towels that are being cut-up for wiping, cleaning, and scrubbing uses. I figure, my grandmother did this, why can't I? If you too would like to take the NO PAPER TOWEL challenge, leave a comment on this post that you accept to for-go paper towels for a total 365 days and share that you will be doing so on your blog too. That way we can spread the word about this easy way of saving trees and money too!

PS: I am in the process of learning how to make a button, so there will be one soon. Now, I just need to figure out that HTML thing. Happy Monday friends!

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