Bye-Bye-Miss Sing-Sing

March is the start of many more busy months to come in our family. It is a month that I have some-what of a lull in birthdays and special occasions, which allows me some much needed time to make and create for all those upcoming crowning life occasions that take place in the months of April-August. I spend much of my days of March in front of my sewing machine, on the floor beading in my studio corner, or meticulously embroidering by hand by the light of my night stand lamp. This March is no different, except that my faithful old-gal of a sewing machine, Ms. Sing-Sing (as I called her) has finally met the end of her days. She's a glorious old Singer sewing machine from the early 70's and she has sewn many a pair of baby clothes, satchels, and mended her fair share of holes in her day. It it time to finally put her to rest and begin to save my dimes for a shiny new gal. Perhaps a Brother Sewing Machine is in my future? Oh, yes I might just dream about that...

What type of sewing machine do you use? Any projects in the works?

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