April Meals::Meal Plans Revisited

A while back I talked about meal planning and getting myself organized in hopes stopping my multiple trips to the grocery store during the week. Well, I finally got myself ib gear and planned the remaining meals for March and all of April- yay me!

My basic plot is to attempt to use all of  what we receive in our CSA box (more on that here) and also include dishes we traditionally enjoy as well as include dishes that are new and exciting,while remaining within budget. Here's a look at my April meal plan as I have inputted them into my Google Calendar:

My husband typically cooks during the weekends, so those days may have vague descriptions or not be filled in at all. During the week I try and makes dishes that will create left-overs while using our basics we always have on hands: rice, dried beans of various sorts, tortillas, eggs, and cheese. I figure with Google Calendar not only can I readjust if daily plans and schedules change, but I can also share the meal plan with my husband and family, thus allowing them to make amendments and suggestions. On days that I use dried beans I have set a timer to remind me to start the beans the night before. I do the same with pizza because I usually make my own dough.  I have a timer set as to when to start the pizza dough production.

Each week I will still write the planned menu on our erasable menu I keep on the fridge, that way the rest of my family can see what's ahead and help them plan for what to expect. I am feeling oh-so organized and ready for the month of April.

How are you organizing your meals for your family?


  1. Wow! This is great!!
    I try to plan out at least 2 weeks in advance and we always do Friday night leftovers from the week.

    I definitely have to check out the CSA in my area.

  2. This has been a goal of mine for a while. We will see how long it lasts! So far, I am loving it! It's working out and with only miner adjustments. Thanks for commenting & Hope you and your family are well!



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