{Tutorial} Recycled Craft For Our Feathered Friends

The birds are out in force searching for items to build their cozy nests from. I thought I would assist in their effort and put together a few nesting supplies from some leftover project supplies  I have laying around. Plus, I was able to re-use some of those red mesh vegetable bags  I have been holding onto for so long.

Small plastic or cloth mesh bag
Pieces of string, twine, thread
Handful of raffia
2 twist Ties

 First Choose your mesh bag. Cut off the top to create a large opening.
 Gather your nesting supplies. Pull-a-part the string and separate the raffia into thin pieces.
 Shove all of your nesting supplies into the open end of the mesh bag
 Select a few pieces to gently tug through some of the open holes of the mesh bag. This will make it easier for the birds to access the elements inside the bag.
Use one of your twist-ties to secure the top of the bag closed. 

Now weave the other twist-tie through a few holes in the mesh bag, secure the ends together creating a loop.  hang your bag in a tree an off-the ground so birds will feel comfortable and safe when pulling items from your bag. Watch and see the birds flock to your home...OK, well this part might take a while. 

Happy Bird Watching!


  1. What a creative idea... I wonder if it will work?? You always have some really great ideas that I simply can't wait to try out with Finley once she gets older.


  2. This is so sweet! I'm definitely going to try it. We have a few birds that like to hang out behind our place who would love it. :)

  3. Hi Lindsay! Oh thanks, you are so very sweet. So far it's been too rainy to tell if this will work, but I will keep you posted (:

  4. Hi Melissa, I hope the little wee birds in your yard enjoy such a creation too. Do you know what kind they are? Thanks for stopping by!



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