Vegetarian Sundays::Rice Bowl #1

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I have a quick and easy dinner meal to share with you. It's been one of my favorites for a long time and I love the ease and simplicity of it. Oh, and it tastes amazing. My Rice Bowl is a lot like a Taco Salad in concept, but with an Asian theme twist.

I like to use pre-made potstickers from Trader Joes to top off the bowl and all of the veggies are raw, making this refreshing and still satisfying. 

Rice Bowl Ingredients:
Cooked Brown Rice- 3 Cups
1 Head of Dino Kale- Chopped
2 Whole Carrots Peeled and cut thinly with a mandolin or with a peeler
Handful of Fresh Beet Greens
1 Avocado Thinly Sliced
3 Stocks of Green Onion Sliced
Seseami Seeds to garnish (I used black ones)
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Rice Vinegar (seasoned kind)
1/4 Soy Sauce or Tamai Sauce
A Few Drops of Saracha Sauce

Construction: Cook your rice until well-done. Steam potstickers and prep all veggies. Mix together the dressing until well combined. Toss Kale in 1/4 cup of the dressing, put aside. 
To put together the rice bowl, place the cooked rice in a bowl, layer the potstickers on top of the rice on one side of the bowl. On the other side spread out the kale. Place carrots, avocado, beet greens on top of the kale. Sprinkle green onions and sesame seeds all over the bowl. Drizzle more dressing to your taste all over the bowl.


  1. YUM! This looks good! I'm going to have to try this.

  2. Yummy! This looks so a vegetarian I'm always looking for new meals to try. This is on my list!



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