Our Visit to Lindsay Wildlife Museum

 We had another rainy weekend and that meant no outdoor outings for us! So, instead, we headed over to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum for some hands-on fun with animals.
 The museum had a lot for a young wee one to explore. Lot's of animals down at his eye level and space for him to run, climb, crawl and just get some of that energy out!
 We came face to face with bunnies, hamsters, stuffer badgers and real live raptors...the feathered kind. All of the live animals at the museum are there due to an injury or are there to be rehabilitated and later released back into the wild.

 In addition to all the fun things to look at and do they also have an exploration room filled with toddler-friendly toys and games. E just loved running back and fourth between the rooms and the bunnies. Definitely difficult to choose how to spend his time.

What fun outings have your family been on lately?


  1. Ok, so not exactly an "outing" per se, but our local Tractor Supply has live chicks and ducks, so we headed over there today for our toddler to get to see them. They are in buckets just at his level. Just so happened to see a lamb in a diaper walk through trailing his "mother". Toddler got to pet him. They were about the same size. :) Better than a trip to the zoo!

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful outing! I will have to check out our local feed store for our next outing. Great idea! Have a great weekend!



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