Gasping For Air & Meet Tucker the Turtle

 Meet Tucker the Turtle, the breathing mask my son has had to wear the last several days as he's been battling pneumonia. Our home has been transformed into small infirmary, and I have taken on the role of nurse in addition to the main source of comfort to a very uncomfortable toddler.
  Our daily rhythm has slowed down quite immensely this past week. Although we have been driving back and forth to the hospital, our typical daily happenings have basically settled into a flurry of breathing treatments, rest, slow walks around the block, and more rest.
Our Easter plans with family have been put on hold as we find ourselves in a place of holding. Breathing slowly, surely, and knowing our breath and usual pace of life will return to us soon. The situation is frightening at times, but I have never had clearer and intentional interaction with my son and family. In a way, it is it's own kind of rebirth.

Here's to a peaceful and successful recovery. Wishing you and your family peace, health, and a few quiet moments this weekend. I will see you back in this space on Monday.



  1. Oh Julia, your poor little one. I am going to meditate on him tonight. It must be a very traumatic and streesful time, I know he will be fine with a mama like you ( and daddy obviously) I'll be thinking of you, please let me know how you are getting on xxx

  2. Oh my! Poor mommy and poor little guy! I'm so sorry! Get lots of rest and treasure each other for easter and he'll be up and running in no time.

  3. Hi Amanda and Jo, Thank you for your sweet words. We are getting better slowly and surely. Soon, he will definietly be up and running again! Happy Easter to you both.

  4. Sending get well thoughts and wishes to your little guy!

  5. Sorry to hear. Hope the little one is feeling better now. Best Wishes.



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