Toddler Game:: Spring Muffin Tin Sorting

Since E has been sick with Pnemonia we have been a little stir crazy as our usual activie lifestyle has been gretaly reduced to hanging out in the house, or  hanging out in waiting rooms of the hospital. I decided it was time to go outdoors and do some "quiet" activities in the sunshine. I was stumped. But how do you keep a busy toddler quiet and peaceful? A sorting game was in order!
All it took was a muffin tin, a metal tart dish, and some felt flowers from my craft stash (perfect for spring don't you thihnk?)

I poured all of the felt flowers into the tart dish, sat my boy down, showed him how he could transfer the flowers from the tart dish into the muffin tin, and viola-instant quiet activity to enjoy outdoors.

E had so much fun seperating the flowers into the different cups of the muffin tin. At first he was just placing them into the cups with no real purpose. Then I showed him he could group them by color and he thought was amazing. He couldn't quite do it, but he tried!

He stayed busy with the sorting for at least 30 minutes, which is a long time in toddler world. Once he was over placing the flowers into the tin, he moved onto physically exploring the muffin tin by sitting on it, smacking it, and eventually full on standing on it.

We soon had to go for a walk in order to keep him from moving too fast, but it is so difficult to keep a curious toddler from zipping around like a humming bird!

What other fun purposes do you use muffin tins for?


  1. Ahaha, what a sweetie he is. I love how creative you are Julia. Sending warm wishes to E while he heals and to the rest of the family to whom with lies the stress and strain!

  2. I love this! Such a simple fun idea. I'm going to try this with my 2 year old.

  3. @Lyda, oh sweet girl, thank you. We are doing OK. Lot's of resting.

    @Lindsay, oh yes! your son will probably love this sorting game. Thank you for stopping in again (:

  4. Such a great idea, we'll try it tomorrow!



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