{Guest Post} Frugal Scapbook Decorative Box Tutorial

Today I'm so happy to share something special with all of you, a guest post! Paige and I met through Etsy, and she's here today to share her frugal crafty side with you. Prepare to be impressed:

Hello!  I'm Paige from Final Clothes-Out, and a big thanks to Julia for inviting me to post here today. My blog is all about saving money when you shop--and a big part of that is knowing when to just make something yourself.  Today I have an easy tutorial for revamping an old box using scrapbook or wrapping paper.

You will need:
a box
scrapbook or wrapping paper
Mod Podge
a paint brush
a ruler
paint (if needed)

First, get your box.  I actually used two of mine, but this will work just as well if you only have one that needs some TLC.

This next step is optional.  I wanted to use lighter paper for this project, but my boxes were pretty dark.  To keep the black from peeking through, I did a quick coat of white paint.  Any kind will work, but I used some leftover Dutch Boy no-VOC ceiling paint I had on hand.

Decide which parts of your box are getting covered and measure them with the ruler (I covered everything except the bottom and the back).  Mark where you need to snip on the back side of your paper and cut the pieces out.

Once your paper is in place, get the Mod Podge and paint brush.  The easiest way to avoid air bubbles is go to bit by bit.  Paint a line of Mod on the box and carefully smooth the paper over top.  Paint another line, smooth more paper.  Keep doing this until the whole box is covered.

I recommend putting a coat of Mod on top of the paper to make the outside of the box more durable.  Doing this will also help get rid of any air bubbles that managed to sneak in.

Let it dry for several hours (mine sat overnight) and you're done!  Piece of cake.

For more bargain-hunting and shopping ideas, be sure to stop by Final Clothes-Out. And check out Paige's lovely Etsy Shop, Little White Chapel!


  1. So great! I am always looking for another excuse to Mod Podge... ha! Newly following, come see me! http://orangiesattic.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for swapping posts with me! It's been a lot of fun. :-)

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for the tip on doing the Mod Podge a little at a time. I always seem to get in a hurry and end up with bubbles!!!
    These are so pretty :)

  4. I love it! I need to get some Mod Podge.

  5. Love Mod Podge! I have a HUGE container of it sitting on my desk for weekly uses. Now off to find some boxes...

  6. Such a fabulous tutorial! Thanks so much Paige!



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