Solo Aqui::Homestead Dreaming

I meant to post this yesterday, but I guess with all this day sort of got away from me. Enjoy!
We've had a lot of time to just sit and dream lately. With a sick child and the weather bouncing between pouring rain and bouts of sunshine we have found ourselves in doors a lot... thinking, scheming, and dreaming about what is up next for us.

The plants around our home are in full bloom and we just can't help but think what life could be like if we had the ability to submerge our hands into the Earth unencumbered. No worries about digging a hole in land we could call our own. There is movement and change stirring within us, pushing us to our next step. 

That next step has taken up a lot of our free time. Searching, reading, and driving as we look at open spaces that we may some day call our own. For now it is nothing more than dreams, but reality has to start somewhere.

 It also didn't help that our first issues of Mother Earth News arrived last week. Those pages are just filled with images that call to those rooting dreams. Beckoning us to eat, build, and live with intention. 

What have you been dreaming about lately?


  1. I hope your dream comes true! :)

  2. What have I been dreaming about? Getting over this sinus infection! It's so annoying!

  3. I am much like you--I dream of my own land/small farm ALL the time! I want a blueberry farm with space for two gardens. One for veggies and a large one for flowers! I love getting the Gurnies Seed catalog! Happy Dreaming!

  4. Living with intention - those words speak to me:):) Your dream will come true!

  5. Here's to dreaming! Wishing all of you for happy dreams coming true as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I would want to share with you a tip: it is when you are day dreaming,always at the end of it say and intend strongly that you already have everything that you just day dreamed.
    By remembering to say it always makes your dream a reality. This is how you can actualize your dreams into reality.
    Am I making sense to you?



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