{Guest Post} Paper Plate Chick Craft

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have a very special guest post from Lauren from Tutus & Tea Parties. Today she is going to share with you a spring/Easter craft project she made with her young daughter. Lauren is an amazing mama, crafter, and blogger and I am so happy she is here!  Be sure to give her some comment love, and also check out her adorable childrens clothing and accessory  Etsy shop!


Materials Needed:
2 paper plates
Orange & Yellow paint (we used finger paint)
Black Marker

(have your child do the steps they are able to according to their age. Mine is 20 months and she only did the painting of the plates. As always, supervise your child while doing any craft.)

  1. Have your child paint one paper plate yellow and one orange.

    When the paint has dried, draw two black eyes on the yellow plate.
Cut the orange plate in half.

    Place one half over the other, making the top a little higher than the bottom.
Turn over and fold the plate down and secure with tape or glue. (This will be your beak)

    Place the beak on top of the yellow painted plate and glue. (I used staples since I was using it for my door. Do not use staples if your child will be playing with it)

Take a strip of orange or red paper and yellow paper. Make cuts halfway down continuing all across the top.

Fold into thirds and secure with tape.

Tape or glue this to the back of the paper plate to make the hair on top.

With  your hands, scrunch the paper slits a little.

Enjoy playing with your chick or hang on a door!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me! I hope you have fun making yours! :)



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