Solo Aqui::7 Confessions

This post was inspired by MINDIANNA, who was inspired by Pretty Zoo.

1.) Some think it's creepy, others think it's cool, but yes I went to school to learn how to be a clown (:
2.) I love movies, although now I don't have much time to watch any, there are some movies that I just love to watch over and over again. Like Under the Tuscan Sun, Princess Bride and Kinky Boots!

3.) I am a little ashamed of this, but the dessert I love the most in the whole entire world is a snow cone. My favorite flavor is cherry and vanilla mixed. Sp sweet and yummy!

4.) I buy most of my clothing, and my family's too,  from thrift stores. You can check out my thoughts on thrifting, reuse, and more on Final Clothes-Out's blog next week.

5.) I love animals, especially birds. Currently we have a 12 year-old cockatiel named Griffin (I liked Harry Potter a lot when I named when I was like 15?), plus all of our wild bird friends in our yard.

6.) I am a Girl Scout...still.  I joined Girl Scouts of the USA when I was in Kindergarten and stayed in through Senior Year of High School. My parents bought me a lifetime membership when I completed my Gold Award (sigh, it's like the Eagle Award of Boy Scouts).

7.) My husband and I can dance. No, really! We used to teach Cha-Cha lessons for our college! And, oh man...he is a good dancer.

Learn more about me and my family in My Story section of this blog.


  1. That's awesome! I wish my husband just liked to dance...whether or not he is any good at it! Great reading these fun confessions!

  2. Your confessions are so interesting! I don't think I've ever met a real clown before!

  3. Great post- I love Mindi's Blog.
    I am so jealous that you and your hubby can dance (lol). Griffin is so adorable.

  4. Hello there! So glad you all enjoyed this post! It was so much fun putting it together. You know, who doesn't like to talk about themselves (*wink*). Thanks again for stopping by!

  5. ooooh I wish my husband could dance! You are a very unique individual... I love it!

  6. Hi Lindsay! Ha, ha! Unique...yes (: Not nearly as cool as you! You have so much courage giving yourself dreads. Love it. (:



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