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I don't think I have talked at all about my addiction love of reading in this space yet. It's true I am a total book worm and an addict for words. Did I say addict? Conisour. Yes, that sounds much better.

I just finished reading The Help written by Kathryn Stockett. A quick read and a fabulous one to take with you the next chance you have to sit outside in the spring air. An ultimately uplifting story of bravery and of over coming societal obstacles that faced African Americans and Whites in the time of the early 1960's. It is a story that will be enjoyed by most readers.

I moved onto an American classice, which I don't think is widely known, entiteld The Marrow of Tradition written by Charles Chesnut. Written in 1901 and is based on the Wilmington, North Carolina, Massacre of 1898. The Help got me thinking about segregation and so I have moved onto some heavier reading on the topic. So far, it's amazingly written and thought provoking. I like a book that makes me think, oh yes I do!

Next I plan to move onto something a little fun and related to You all know how much I LOVE food! So I will be stuffing my face with Allegra Goodman's novel The Cookbook Collector. It's been on shelfs for almost a year, but it looks like a lot fun.

Have you read any of these novels lately? What did you think? And, what is currently on your nightstand?

Que Solo Aqui en Su Vida? (What is "Only Here" in your life?) 


  1. I read "The Help" a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Novels I've read recently were "Candles Burning" by Tabitha King (Stephen King's wife). It was just so-so; she has done much better with other books. Also a Young Adult fiction book called "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie. I'm not a big fan of YA fiction, but a friend recommended it and I enjoyed it.

    Right now I'm reading non-fiction: "Self-Sufficiency for the 21st Century" by Dick and James Strawbridge, and "Better Off" by Eric Brende. Both are very good.

  2. I just saw that "The Help" will be coming out soon as a movie by the same folks who did Food Inc. The other two books you are reading look pretty fascinating (keep me posted on the food one)!

    To Annie Jones: I am also reading the "Self-Sufficiency for the 21st Century," sure makes you want to be them, no?

    I am in the middle of "The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer" by Joel Salatin. He is pure genius. It's written in a conversational, no BS manner on topics such as agricultural history, hydrology, enviromental biology, food production, politics, etc. etc. And while that all might sound dry, this book is by no means as such! I highly suggest it!

  3. I recently read The Help and just loved it! I saw that someone mentioned it's coming out as a movie- can't wait to see that! I will put The Marrow of Tradition on my reading list. I too consider myself a connoisseur and love to read the classics.

  4. I also read The Help and really enjoyed it. I hadn't heard of The Cookbook Collector. That looks like it is just my speed. I'll have to pick it up!

  5. hi julia, on the subject of african-american history, i recently read 'march', by geraldine brooks (fellow aussie) which is a novel based on the author's idea of what the 'little women's absent father would have experienced in the civil war, and was written after researching the lives of louisa may alcott's father, henry thoreau, and ralph waldo emerson. i can't usually do heavy subjects since having children but this one was fantastic (possibly because i was already a fan of geraldine brooks. if you get it i hope you like it. cheers!

  6. Hi everyone! Thank you for all your awesome and wonderful comments! You have given me a lot to think about... (:



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