Holy Cow I Made A Button!

It has taken me several weeks to garner all of the knowledge needed to get everything together to make a blog button. But, you know what? I did it...with just a little help from my tech savy husband,

At first I made these:

Blog Buton2 copy


And then I realized the size was all off, so I meddled with Photo Shop for a while. And kept meddling. Some of the buttons, which I won't share beacsue they are just ghastly, were way too cluttered. I wanted something clean, simple, and a little interesting. Hence the cobalt blue door and a Simple "Goat Notes" wording that I went with.


Please feel free to grab a button and share the love. Leave a comment and let me know you took a button and, if you also have a button let me know, and then I can share a little love back! Kind of like a mini link party. I will add buttons to the "Blog's I am Loving" section of Goat Notes.

Thanks for stopping by friends! Let me know if you would be interested in learning how to make your own blog button, since I am sort of an "expert" now" (:


  1. It looks great! I know mine took forever to make and get to work!

  2. Making blog buttons is one of my least favorite things EVER. I always end up practically beating my head against my desk.

    Yours turned out great, though! You should post a tutorial.

  3. Your button turned out great! I haven't learned how to make my own yet.
    Another thing to learn : - )

  4. I love your button, and I plopped it on my blog, and thanks for returning the favour xxx this whole blogging journey has actaully meant that I have learnt so much, especially when it comes to html and all that jazz. I haven#t got photoshop, is it good?

  5. Hi friends! Wow, thanks for all your thoughtful comments. Oh, this blogging journey is a grand adventure and it just keeps morphing with every little new detail I learn. Look forward to many more updates!
    @Lauren, Thank you for your support! I am going to grab your button (: and am looking forward to talking more about our swap.
    @Paige: Thank you for your comment! Yes, a tutorial is so in the works. Thank you for stopping by!
    @SibStudio: Thank you for popping in and for your sweet vote of confidence. I know you CAN make a button of your own. Stay tuned as I will have a tutorial soon.
    @JO: Hey Blog pal! Thanks for stopping by today (: Always look forward to your comments. And photoshop? Yes. Amazing.

  6. I've never tried to make a button. A tut would be a great idea. You really should!!!! :)



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